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March 24, 2018, 10:53:14 AM *
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 on: Today at 04:40:39 AM 
Started by DV1 - Last post by DV1
Original owner from no pet, non smoking home.
Speakers are in excellence condition except need re-foam!
Came with factory stands and spikes.

$200.00 or best offer.
Location:  Northern Virginia area.

 on: March 19, 2018, 09:55:19 PM 
Started by tuskman79 - Last post by tuskman79
The type A was the flagship of the Snell line and this Fifth generation model was the final Type A. Manufactured roughly 1993-1998. These speakers originally retailed for just under $14,000 when new! I have enjoyed these but I don't have the space to properly house them and a living room remodel is approaching and the wife says they must go. Sound is truly spectacular. Still hooked up and can be auditioned. Overall good condition. A few nicks in the veneer as shown. A few holes in the grill cloth as shown. Grills can easily be recovered if desired. 100% functional. Due to the size and weight and the fact that I do not have original shipping cartons, in person pickup is best option.  If buyer wants to have them shipped, am willing to facilitate with shipping (but not box them up) and perhaps even deliver to a fairly local shipping center.  Sale includes 2 towers, 2 mated external crossovers, with matching S/N's 507 and 508, and 8 custom interconnect cables.  Email me for more or specific photos.  $3990/OBRO
Here is a review of them when they were introduced

 on: March 14, 2018, 01:54:27 AM 
Started by Dhollywood - Last post by trinhsman
 You may not need the schematics if you’re able to get the crossovers out of the speakers .
 There was a gentleman in the Atlanta Georgia area at rebuilt my crossovers for me on my Snell Speakers.
 If you are a member of the AudioKama  website,  his username is Gordonw.  He does amazing work all the way down to bundling of the capacitors just the way Peter Snell did.

 on: March 07, 2018, 11:53:19 AM 
Started by CV - Last post by CV
Hi and thank you for your reply.
I did remove the attenuator yesterday and sprayed some contact cleaner on it, seemed to help for now.
Certainly looks like a very standard part, so I will try to find one with the same specs (30W 8ohm).

 on: March 06, 2018, 06:14:19 PM 
Started by CV - Last post by javilha
The attenuator in the C5, is not a very special one. I think, you can buy it in a store for electronic components. Remove the old part and bring it with you to that store, so they can find the same kind. You can also make a contact to Atomic hifi, who  has the spare parts for the Snell speakers.  Smiley

 on: March 05, 2018, 07:17:45 PM 
Started by CV - Last post by CV
Hi, this is my first post on this forum. Really happy when I found this site!
My Snell CV's need new tweeter attenuators, anyone know where I can find these?
I have considered bypassing the attenuator and install an L-pad, but for now I would like to keep them original.


 on: February 17, 2018, 12:20:43 PM 
Started by LT Texan - Last post by javilha
It could be one of two kind of tweeters, either Peerless or Audax. The front plate looks like a Peerless. But don't know the model. Smiley

 on: February 16, 2018, 09:59:06 PM 
Started by LT Texan - Last post by LT Texan
BTW, Atomic replied to me requesting the serial number so they could look it up.

Did not hear back.

Probably scratching their heads - Type 1?HuhHuh

 on: February 16, 2018, 09:57:43 PM 
Started by LT Texan - Last post by LT Texan
I've shipped both tweeters off to Speaker Exchange in Tampa for repair/refurbishment.

I'll report back on results.


 on: February 16, 2018, 11:52:42 AM 
Started by LT Texan - Last post by nesdam
Sorry but it's not possible to show attatchments here at the moment. You have to host them somewhere else.

It is possible to solder the broken wire but it's not an easy job. I heard my local Snell dealer did it once on some type A tweeters. Before you can solder it you need to remove the lacquer from a bit of the copperwire. This is done either mechanically or by burning it at a high temperature (which is almost impossible so close to the voicecoil).

Perhaps you can unwind a short piece of the wire from the voicecoil if you need more wire to work with.

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